How To Brand Your Albums

By Lynette Romero , Mon, 10/26/2020 - 11:45

You want your albums to be an extension of your brand but how do you do that while keeping the design your client wants? 

Here are the top 4 ways to brand your books while keeping your clients happy. 

 1. Deboss your logo on the presentation box. 

The presentation box is the perfect place to host your logo. It's the first thing people will see while they excitedly open the box. Deboss your logo in any one of our foils to create the perfect match.


 2. Endsheet deboss.

The endsheet on the front and back cover is discreet real estate to show off who took these amazing photos. Consider it a punctuation point on the while album experience.

 3. Curate your material offerings. 

Do you have a specific look for your brand? Maybe not every color and material is right for your business. Curate your offerings to colors and materials that best represent your brand look. By having a limited selection it can also make choosing easier and faster for your clients. Win Win!

 4. Customize the Album Care Card.

Each album order comes with an album care card that lets the receiver know how to care for the album. Here is another great opportunity to create your own cards using our care suggestions, but customized to your brand. Places like Vistaprint and Moo have great options for creating your own unique and branded care cards. 

Albums are made to be showed off and passed around. Make sure everyone knows who created such a beautiful piece of art!