Terms and Conditions

All purchased Art Books, Display Boxes, Folios or any additional services or products placed through our standard ordering system require a minimum of 5-10 business days for completion prior to shipping. Please be aware of this timeline in ordering your albums as our products do take time to construct and complete so that they may be to our standard of quality.

All shipping is provided via USPS, UPS ground, UPS 2nd day and UPS overnight services. Please contact Vision Art immediately if there are any issues of damage cause by shipper. Purchaser is responsible if package is delivered to an incorrect location due to providing Vision Art with a wrong address. This applies for Drop-Ships as well. For international shipments, purchaser is responsible for any tariffs, duties or taxes that their receiving country imposes. For our Canadian client, Vision Art will pay the Brokerage as well as collect and pay your GSM taxes for you.

Art Book design and correct file quality is the responsibility of the purchaser as is providing Vision Art with the proper files types and proper resolution. Acceptable file types are JPG for page spreads and layered PSD for covers. Should client submit incorrect file type or resolution, Vision Art will contact client directly to provide new files. Should files not be received within 5 business days, order will be cancelled and client will need to submit a new order. Vision Art is not responsible for any books ordered with incorrect file resolution or size where client is unavailable to communicate and correct existing issues created by incorrect ordering. Your order will be deleted after 5 days.

Our staff is available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 7:30am - 4pm CST, with the exception of Government Holidays. Should an issue arise, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. The best way is to call our office at 641.752.6047 or [email protected].

Our books are printed with fine art paper and archival inks slated to last 100 years or more. Vision Art provides all of our Art Books with a lifetime guarantee of quality, therefore if there is ever an issue with the actual manufacturing of the book, the quality of the ink or paper please contact us right away for product replacement. Vision Art makes every effort to archive past orders with their corresponding files. However, Vision Art is not responsible for deleted or lost files after the product has been shipped. If you need a product replaced, please be ready to re-submit your files to us.

PRINTING POLICIES: Vision Art is legally and morally obligated to respect the rights of employees to not be exposed to images that they find religiously or morally objectionable. As well, Vision Art is bound by Iowa Obscenity Law. Please inquire at [email protected] for more details. This policy is not a statement or judgment of the photographer's work or artistry.

PURCHASE POLICIES: Purchased Books, Display Boxes and Folios are not available for refund or return once provided to client. All orders are non-refundable unless order is cancelled within 8 hours of purchase. If product is received with manufacturing quality or print issue, please communicate by phone or in writing within 48 hours of receipt. Order will be replaced with same product. All orders paid by client credit cards shall be processed and shipped within 5-10 business days, unless additional time is required for production and specified at time of purchase. All orders should be print-ready when the order is placed. If we receive an order that is not print-ready and we have not received the files within 5 days, we may cancel the order and the funds will be credited to your account for future use or reorder./p>

STUDIO SAMPLES: Our studio discount is available on qualifying sizes. Books purchased as Studio Samples will be stamped or designed, indicating that they are a Studio Sample. Studio Samples are not to be resold or given as gifts. These are meant to be used as a sales tool to sell client books. Accounts are periodically monitored, and the Studio Sample offer may be denied if terms are not followed.

PRIVACY POLICY: Vision Art, Inc. and its Agents will not under any circumstances sell or provide your information to anyone. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will protect it at all costs.