Introducing: Custom Endsheets

By Lynette Romero , Tue, 04/18/2023 - 21:10

Nothing gives a great first impression to an album like a custom endsheet! 

You can now add on to your order in a few easy steps!

1. Design the endsheet using a spread template.

2. Rename the spread template Front Endsheet or Back Endsheet (if both are the same just name it Endsheet).

3. Under order notes on the order form let us know you are ordering a custom endsheet. 

4. Upload your custom endsheet along with your spreads and cover when you place your order. 

It's as easy as that to make a custom endsheet and really wow your next client!

Album By: Sailor Breeze


Album By: Romero Album Design


Album By:  Cassie Castellaw

Album By: Angelina Rose 

Album By: Oli and Steph


Album By: Lilly At Dawn

Have questions? We are always here to answer! Email [email protected] with any custom endsheet questions!