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Introducing: Nubuck Leather

By Lynette Romero ,

It’s a well known fact that physical touch can make you a healthier person. We would like to believe we are adding to your well-being with our Nubuck Leather, because quite honestly we can’t put it down. 

Similar to suede in feel but with more strength, thickness and a finer grain, Nubuck is known to resist wear. So go ahead, be confident in telling your clients that you are providing them with an album that will last for generations. 

Let’s introduce you to the cocktail of colors;

Merlot: Much like the wine, our Merlot color is approachable, elegant and opulent. Wonderful on its own but also pairs well with our beautiful foils. World-renowned and coveted by all.

Rosé: Totally on trend and exploding with popularity, this rosy blossom tint is crisp, refreshing, and an easy going perfect hint of blush.

Grey Goose: This grey is soft but also has a rich masculine look. A wonderful smokey neutral that is delicate with a bold finish.

Chardonnay: A one of a kind true vintage classic. Chardonnay is our time honored buttery color that can be used in an impressively wide range of styles and brands. Capable of accommodating the most aristocratic of clients.

As the head mixologist of your brand and business, you can feel fearless and self assured in providing the best of the best hand crafted albums to your clients.